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Welcome to Justice

Safety and Prosperity

A place for notes about Bat's cybercity "Justice". The place is a only about 8+ years old but it's huge. Luckily the growth curve has flattened a bit over the past couple of years. There's an occasional post about The Barrens/Boomtown in the Makai as well. I also make posts about the the Barrens (Makai colony) and bits and pieces of my responsbilities in Jerusalem. Stuff is all mixed togather, but I don't post wall that often in here so you shouldn't have too many problems sorting through the crap. If you're into crap, then there's lots to read here.
air conditioning, alternate realms, banks, batteries, big blue guy, boomtown, bugets, casinos, city defenses, city limits, civil procedure, crime, cyberspace, drau, emergency preparedness, endless bald men, fae forest, firefighters, food, health care, heat, hospitals, immigration, jerusalem, justice, legal system, libraries, living standards, local ordinances, makai, makai gelt, mass transit, militia, mugs pugs and thugs, multiverse, palo forest, panty raids, plumbing, police, private vehicles, property values, proprietary communities, public goods, recon, rolling fortresses, rule of law, scum and villainy, self-righteous dunderheads, show tune combat moves, sky galleons, skycutters, social obligations, taxation, technology, teleport discs, ten clan north, ten foreword, testosterone swilling bastards, the barrens, toadies, treaties, turf wars, undead assassins, universities, wages, warlords, wealth, windmills, wmd, youkai, zentraedi